Our guide to the cost of living in Ukraine

Whether you’re thinking of coming to Ukraine for a short holiday or a longer stay like us, knowing some information about the cost of living is very helpful. In fact, if you’re looking at travelling Europe for a while or spending some time as a digital nomad, Ukraine is one of the cheapest places you Read more about Our guide to the cost of living in Ukraine[…]

Our choice of Eastern Europe

Not so long ago, I decided to move from my native country, Italy, to become an expat. These new economic times that many call “crisis” – others call “the new average” – require different sacrifices from people willing to emerge. Personally, I grew up reading stories about the U.S. I.T. work model, where you could Read more about Our choice of Eastern Europe[…]

Leaving London: how to prepare for long-term travel

The idea of just packing a rucksack, jumping on a plane and leaving my everyday life behind has always appealed to me. The thought has probably crossed most people’s minds, while they’re sitting behind their desk typing away at yet another spreadsheet, or standing crushed onto the tube at rush hour: why don’t I just Read more about Leaving London: how to prepare for long-term travel[…]