Poland was our last stop along the road to our new home in Ukraine and the first country which was brand new for both of us. I was super curious to see what this country is like, as I have quite a few Polish friends and acquaintances back in London. In fact, London is said Read more about Krakow[…]

Br-yes or Br-no?

Once upon a time, a caravan of travellers stopped by a hill. It was really cold and they camped by a camp fire. One of the guys asked “how is this place called?”. And another guy, shivering answered “Brrrrrr-no …”. So the city of Brno was born, apparently (in Czech language, the word “no” means Read more about Br-yes or Br-no?[…]

Stop 3: Czech Republic (Prague)

Dear fellow travellers, if you’re planning to travel through central Europe in the month of May or June, brace yourself – roads will be constantly scattered with roadworks, which will slow down your road trip. The very first thing you have to do when you enter the Czech Republic is stop and pay for a Read more about Stop 3: Czech Republic (Prague)[…]