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chernobyl borderHi and welcome to “Postcards from Ukraine” – a blog where we chronicle our road trip from London to Ukraine and slow travel life in Eastern Europe. We are Alexandra – a British born translator and writer – and Jean – an Italian turned Londoner. In May 2015 we quit our jobs and moved out of our overpriced London flats, ready to embrace life as digital nomads: slow travelling Eastern Europe starting with Ukraine, working as we go. A somewhat crazy idea, you could say, given that neither of us speak Russian or any other Slavic language, we only have a small amount of savings between us and we don’t have a long term plan! However as a translator and an IT specialist we’re both pretty well placed to work from anywhere and enjoy life while we’re at it. We’re both language enthusiasts who speak English, Italian, French, German and Spanish, so picking up some Russian is a big motivation, as well as leaving behind the 9-5 desk-job lifestyle to see the world (or at least part of it!).

So why should you follow us? Well, we’re aware that many aspects of travel blogging have been done to death. But for some reason Ukraine and its surrounding countries have yet to receive very much attention from fellow travelers. We aim to bring you the good the bad and the ugly of life on and off the road in this relatively unknown part of the world, with much more honest and in-depth reviews and insights than you can find in any travel guide. So, why not follow us on our journey as we attempt to learn Russian, work abroad, overcome cultural and linguistic barriers and explore what lies beyond the former iron curtain.

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  • Good luck, guys..
    If you need any tips/help while there, feel free to ask. It will be unforgettable, for sure, and hopefully – enjoyable for most of the time.
    If you like reading and want to have some insight into Ukraine’s history and its oligarchy, you may want to look up on Amazon ‘Rise of an Oligarch’ & ‘Mortal Showdown’, which I hope could jumpstart your acquaintance with mentality, history, culture and language (although mostly swear words)

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